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Arthur Bezuidenhout

Arthur (1971) is the founder of various high-tech companies in the aviation industry and experience with multinational corporations. In the aviation and aerospace industry he took on mandates to improve simulation and training products. His experience covers operations and supply chain management. He became a top rate product developer. He is an entrepreneur to the bone and inspires to create products to new and emerging markets.

Marc Overman

Marc (1966) studied medicine at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam), and law and philosophy at Leiden University. In his professional life, Marc has been practicing law 25 years. He works for major (international) clients,  with a focus on corporate governance and setting-up advisory or litigation teams with first tier professionals from selected firms (legal, tax, accountancy etc). Marc has in-depth experience in various niche markets such as the aviation and parallel trading industries. Marc is a father of 2 young sons, which shifted his sporting focus (for now) from rowing to football and cricket. 

Anton Kading

Anton Kading is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of various companies and corporations. In 2009 Kading transformed a struggling South African Metallurgical company RWK Agencies into the foremost Hardness and Calibration laboratory in South Africa where he is still the owner. He also established a construction company which have constructed award winning homes in South Africa. In 2016 he entered into the aviation industry where he achieved EASA qualification of a Level D simulator in record time. Since then he has been instrumental in various simulation companies in shareholder and operational capacities.


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