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Our Story

Betting on Future Successes

Springbok Investments Group is a Dutch-South-African project incubator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We started in 2018, with three founders coming from different industries. We bring extensive experience and expertise to the table in the fields of R&D (aviation and solar), project development & construction, legal (corporate and international contract management, finance & securities) and business consultancy. 


In general, we aim at bringing solutions to the market developed from a different perspective than is usual in a particular (niche) market. We try to connect the dots in a different, smarter way. This assists us with keeping costs lower than our competitors and ensures our propositions above average profitable. 


We are always looking for new opportunities and aim for new projects. Our contact person for new projects or ideas is Arthur Bezuidenhout, one of the founders of Springbok. arthur@springbokinvest.com

All projects should have an element of  sharing. Preferably with a “support your locals” touch to it. But in the words of Bono: “We are business men too”. It is not about charity, but about inclusion and creating wealth and prosperity together with others. Reflecting this, we have a Corporate Responsibility Program and contract only with parties that adhere to our Business Standards, thus creating a fair playing field for every link our supply chain.